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Simple Salmon Says…

November 4, 2009 1 comment

The very first meal I ate when I arrived to live here in the UK was Salmon steak. I don’t remember what accompanied the steak because I was eating salmon and that is all that mattered.  Yes, my fine sister-in-law had been told that salmon would tickle me pinker than a salmon’s pink bits and she delivered. It was delicious.

Now add to the above story that my fine daughter who works for a publishing company brings me Trout and Salmon magazine and I begin to salivate. Trout and Salmon magazine is full of pictures of fishing rods and elderly gentlemen who, if they are sensible, have labradors, smell of whisky and smoke pipes. Read more…


Sunday Prawn Stir-fry.

November 1, 2009 1 comment

Sunday is Lazy day.  I should not make an effort on a Sunday, so I won’t. Sort of.

When the nice gentlemen with a talent for breaking bags of groceries were busy breaking said bags, one of the bags contained fresh egg noodles. Another broken bag bore some nice, plump spring onions and some red peppers. There were also mushrooms and a few other items that might or might not, as whim will dictate, appear in tonights’s dinner, a Stir Fry. Read more…

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