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Flaked Salmon and Shrimp with Penne Surprise

November 13, 2009 1 comment
Salmon pasta

Forgot to get parmesan.

I’ve always wanted to add “surprise” to the name of a dish and today I got my chance. I caught this one off guard, in a moment of quiet introspection and surprised it by adding “surprise”. How cunning am I? Was that a fox I just saw skulking in the shadows with the runner-up trophy? Read more…

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Simple Salmon Says…

November 4, 2009 1 comment

The very first meal I ate when I arrived to live here in the UK was Salmon steak. I don’t remember what accompanied the steak because I was eating salmon and that is all that mattered.  Yes, my fine sister-in-law had been told that salmon would tickle me pinker than a salmon’s pink bits and she delivered. It was delicious.

Now add to the above story that my fine daughter who works for a publishing company brings me Trout and Salmon magazine and I begin to salivate. Trout and Salmon magazine is full of pictures of fishing rods and elderly gentlemen who, if they are sensible, have labradors, smell of whisky and smoke pipes. Read more…