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A very impotent dish with prawns and pasta in a salsa sauce

December 4, 2009 4 comments
Prawns with pasta and a salsa sauce

Dead simple, quick to cook and delicious. Supposed to be garnished with basil leaves and Parmesan. Didn't have any. Sorry.

No, that’s not a misspelled word in the headline.

Several years back when I was still in Zimbabwe, I was attending a launch do in Bulawayo for a merchant bank client of mine. All the great (?) and the good  (?) were there. The place was crawling with bodyguards, government ministers, permanent secretaries and businessmen thieving bastards and their vile, grabbing wives who all, regardless of the obscenity of their wealth ill-gotten gains, busily stuffed their very expensive designer handbags with canapés, the odd bottle of Fanta (yes, you read it right, Fanta) and whetever else they could lay their claws on. It was quite a sight. Read more…


Sanity Returns–and brings a simple recipe too!

October 26, 2009 2 comments

After a week of the most self indulgent eating, it is time to let sanity return. Its time to be good and not greedy. Time to spend less too. Look at what a glutton I’ve been: Read more…