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Sandy’s Particular Pesto

November 23, 2009 4 comments

Being my very first attempt – I hope that this is where I’m meant to be, and how I’m meant to be doing it!

Herewith dead-easy, throw-it-together pesto that is so delicious you’ll have no trouble hogging it all for yourself. No need for amounts – just throw in what you think, taste it and adjust where necessary. Read more…

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Chicken Wellington-ington-ington-tiddle-I-po

November 3, 2009 5 comments

I have been thinking about supper. I was considering the simple, cheap and cheerful frankfurters and pasta dish I wrote about this morning, but now I’m getting ideas about sort of inventing something that has no doubt, been done before by someone cleverer than me. Fear not! I will reinvent this particular wheel. Read more…